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What's Technical Diving

There is some professional disagreement as to what exactly technical diving encompasses. Nitrox diving and rebreather diving were originally considered technical, but this is no longer universally the case as several certification agencies now offer Recreational Nitrox and recreational rebreather training and certification. Some training agencies classify penetration diving in wrecks and caves as technical diving. Even those who agree on the broad definitions of technical diving may disagree on the precise boundaries between technical and recreational diving. 

Technical diving (also referred to as tec diving or tech diving) is scuba diving that exceeds the agency-specified limits of recreational diving for non-professional purposes. Technical diving may expose the diver to hazards beyond those normally associated with recreational diving, and to a greater risk of serious injury or death. The risk may be reduced by appropriate skills, knowledge and experience, and by using suitable equipment and procedures. The skills may be developed through appropriate specialized training and experience. The equipment involves breathing gases other than air or standard nitrox mixtures, and multiple gas sources.

aquaventure tec center


guided dives

Aquaventure offers diving to suite all certification levels. We offer guided open circuit dives and can provide all equipment as required for you to explore our amazing underwater sites in Addu Maldives.

Our guides are all experienced Open Circuit Tec Divers themselves and love to take fellow team mates out on explorations when requested.

Dives are planned on MultiDeco software utilizing Buhlmann ZHL16-C with Gradient Factors. Our Shearwater dive computers run these plans in realtime below the surface.

"Aquaventure Tec Center is the first TDI Dive Center in Maldives"

aquaventure tec center



Technical Diving International (TDI) is the largest technical diving certification agency in the world, and one of the first agencies to offer mixed gas and rebreather training. TDI specializes in more advanced Scuba diving techniques, particularly diving with rebreathers and use of breathing gases such as trimix and heliox.

TDI provides courses and certification for divers and for instructors.

TDI defines a technical dive as "any dive involving decompression, additional cylinders, alternative breathing gases, rebreathers, or overhead environments such as wrecks, caves or mines. "

Advanced Nitrox Diver

  690.- usd

  minimum 3 day's 

Are you looking to expand your dive time? Maybe you’re a scientific diver or photographer looking to stay in the water a little longer? .....

Decompression Procedures Diver

  760.- usd

  minimum 3 day's 

Are you finding your no- decompression limits (NDLs) a limiting factor to dives? Do you have to ascend sooner than you would like? ...

Extended Range Diver

  1010.- usd

  minimum 4 day's 

Certain areas of the world provide spectacular dives at depths deeper than 39 metres/130 feet but you may not have access to helium. ....

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padi Tecrec

PADI TecRec courses set the bar for technical and rebreather diver training. These courses provide a strong foundation and result in divers who are both confident and competent.

As a technical diver you will learn how to manage the risks associated with diving beyond the limits of recreational diving.

PADI defines technical diving as "diving other than conventional commercial or recreational diving that takes divers beyond recreational diving limits (130 feet (40 m)). It is further defined as an activity that includes one or more of the following: diving beyond 40 meters/130 feet, required stage decompression, diving in an overhead environment beyond 130 linear feet from the surface, accelerated stage decompression and/or the use of multiple gas mixtures in a single dive."


  710.- usd

  minimum 3 day's 

The PADI Tec 40 course is where you transition from recreational scuba diving to technical diving. It's a great place to start ...


  780.- usd

  minimum 3 day's 

The PADI Tec 45 course is the second part of the full PADI Tec Deep Diver program. You'll extend your depth limit to 45 metres ....


  880.- usd

  minimum 3 day's 

The third part of the full PADI Tec Deep Diver program is Tec 50. As a Tec 50 diver, you show that you've developed competency as a tec ....

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Not all Scuba Diving Agencies are Created Equal

First and foremost, not all technical diver ratings are created equal.  Every training agency takes a different approach when it comes to the flow path for creating technical divers. Throw in helium, rebreathers, cave diving, sidemount, etc. and the flow path begins to look more like a tangled complicated web of options. And that’s just for each agency; now imagine crossing back and forth from one agency to the next, and it becomes a nearly unmanageable maze. But we’re going to try to break it down for you here (OPEN CIRCUIT-NON OVERHEAD DIVER).

aquaventure tec center

marc kouwenberg

The excitement of technical diving ...

Explore the Maldives as you never have seen before, follow the drop - off in the deep blue and discover new places where never a human was before.

Marc Kouwenberg

TDI Instructor
PADI Tec Instructor

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Marc Kouwenberg

    • TDI Instructor
    • PADI TEC Instructor
    • SCUBA Instructor since 1997
    • SCR Instructor since 1998
    • 700+ Dives in Lakes
      Netherlands, Belgium, Germany
    • 14.000+ Dives in Oceans
      Netherlands, France, Canary Islands, Turkey, Malta & Gozo, Kenia, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Maldives

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