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OMS, short for ´´Ocean Management Systems,´´ is a trusted name in the world of diving gear and equipment. Established in the United States in the early 1980s, OMS has provided high-quality, reliable, and innovative diving solutions for both recreational and professional divers. With a commitment to safety, performance, and sustainability, OMS has become a leading brand in the diving industry.

OMS is a brand with a rich history and a dedication to providing divers with top-notch gear and equipment. With a wide range of products, including diving suits, BCD jackets, regulators, snorkels, and tank equalizers, OMS has earned the trust of divers worldwide. Their commitment to quality and innovation ensures that divers can explore the underwater world with confidence, knowing they have reliable and high-performance gear by their side. Whether you´re a recreational diver or a professional, OMS is a brand that delivers excellence in every dive.

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OMS our choice for safety & comfort ...

"Easy adjustments thanks to the unique OMS SMARTSTREAM concept"

The OMS SmartStream differs from traditional slings by offering a unique system of size adjustments. It is available in one size and fits all body sizes from XXS to XXL. Simply put on the headgear and pull the waist straps forward to tighten the shoulder straps.

No more pre-adjustments when switching from a wet suit to a waterproof one! The SmartStream can even be used by different divers without the need for laborious adjustments.

In the version with stainless steel plate, the D-rings are made of stainless steel. In version with aluminium plate, the D-rings are made of aluminium.

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Aquaventure is an authorized OMS dealer in Maldives